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XAIDA is now hosting an open monthly webinar. Within the XAIDA project, sixteen research institutes and climate risk practitioners, aim to develop and apply novel artificial intelligence methods to better assess and predict the influence of climate change on extreme weather. Join the webinar each month to dive into interesting topics such as machine learning for climate extremes, the societal impact of extremes, and education about climate change.


Coordination: Maria Gonzalez-Calabuig (University of València), Manon Rousselle (IPSL)


Assistance: Apolline Sauvignet (IPSL)

June 13th at 2 PM (CET)

Speaker: Christian Reimers, Max Planck Institute 

Title: A data-driven plant phenology model to understand how plant phenology modulates the land-atmosphere interaction


Abstract: Phenology, the study of the timing of seasonal activities in plants, plays a vital role in many critical processes such as the carbon, water, and energy exchange between the biosphere and the atmosphere. However, the effect of climatic and meteorological factors on phenology is difficult to model, and models often fall short. Especially, the effects of a changing climate and the impact of extreme events cannot be accurately modeled by the phenology modules in many state-of-the-art Earth system models. To this end, we developed multiple data-driven phenology models with different capabilities. This allows us to understand complex effects from the combined responses of these models. Furthermore, this is an important step towards replacing the phenology module in Earth system models with a data-driven module.