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XAIDA WEBINARS | The AIDE Toolbox: Artificial Intelligence for Disentangling Extreme Events

XAIDA is now hosting an open monthly webinar. Within the XAIDA project, sixteen research institutes and climate risk practitioners, aim to develop and apply novel artificial intelligence methods to better assess and predict the influence of climate change on extreme weather. Join the webinar each month to dive into interesting topics such as machine learning for climate extremes, the societal impact of extremes, and education about climate change.


Coordination: Maria Gonzalez-Calabuig (Univ. València), Oana-Iulia Popescu (DLR), Manon Rousselle (IPSL)

April 9th at 2 PM (CET)

Speaker: Miguel Ángel Fernández Torres, Image and Signal Processing Group (ISP), Image Processing Laboratory (IPL), Universitat de València (UV)

Title: The AIDE Toolbox: Artificial Intelligence for Disentangling Extreme Events


Abstract: The automatic anticipation and detection of extreme events constitute a major challenge in the current context of climate change, which has changed their likelihood and intensity. Here we introduce the Artificial Intelligence for Disentangling Extremes (AIDE) toolbox that allows for anomaly detection, extreme event analysis and impact assessment in remote sensing and geoscience applications. AIDE integrates advanced machine learning models, ranging in complexity, assumptions, and sophistication, and can yield spatio-temporal explicit monitoring maps with probabilistic estimates. Supervised and unsupervised algorithms, deterministic and probabilistic, convolutional and recurrent neural networks, as well as methods based on density estimation, are covered by this framework.

The open-source toolbox is intended for scientists, engineers, and students with basic knowledge of remote sensing and geosciences working in anomaly detection, deep learning, and explainable AI, and is available at