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Management & Values

D1.15 – Report on the Summer training school (PDF)

D1.16 – Project website (PDF)

D1.17 – Value Promotion Plan (PDF)

D1.18 – Report on joint activities with other EU projects (PDF)

D1.20 – Report on the Press Conference on intermediates results of the project (PDF)

D1.22 – Policy brief on the detection and attribution of extreme events to climate change (PDF)


Scientific Reports

D2.1 – Report and delivery of a draft framework for event definition developed in collaboration with stakeholders (PDF)

D2.2 – Report detailing and collating databases of impacts, vulnerability and exposure relevant to extreme weather events (PDF)

D3.2 – Open source code for detection and characterization of spatio-temporal extreme events (PDF)

D3.4 – Open source toolbox for climate-induced impact assessment based on advanced regression (PDF)

D8.1 – List of high precipitation and floods events (PDF)

D8.2 – List of storm/cyclone events detected (PDF)


Open Access Datasets