In a nutshell


Climate is changing fast, with losses and damages experienced in every region and every sector. However the awareness of this fact remains limited. Of particular relevance is how climate change modifies and enhances extreme weather events.


During the last 5-10 years, a large number of extreme weather and climate events have occurred, causing damage to infrastructure and casualties. This has raised the question about the role of climate change in altering the odds or the magnitude of a number of such events.


XAIDA, a new EU-funded project starting in September 2021, brings together the interdisciplinary expertise of a research consortium of 15 universities and research organizations. Our consortium unites experts in machine learning, statistics and climate modeling.


Together we will design new methods and apply them to recent high-impact events to understand  the role of climate change. Further, we will study if such events, or even more-intense ones, will occur in the future. We will collaborate  with concerned stakeholders from different sectors to prepare risk assessment and adaptation strategies for extreme weather.


Together with teachers, we will develop new educational material to improve the education of younger generations.