Collaborating outside XAIDA

The XAIDA community is very active and present at the International level for research and collective efforts in different fields. We are outlining here the projects with specific key words but they are not limited to the topic mentioned. Visit the websites to know more about our work!


AI for extreme weather events

Our brother project: CLINT (Climate Intelligence)



World Weather Attribution


Extreme and compounds Events

EDIPI (DrIvers, Predictability and Impacts)

ESM2025 (Earth System Models for the future)

IMPETUS4CHANGE – I4C (Improving near-term climate predictions for social transformation)

RECEIPT (Climate Storylines)

EUCP (European Climate Prediction system)


NextGEMS (develops two next generation (storm-resolving) Earth-system Models)

DAMOCLES (understanding and modeling compound climate and weather events)

DeepExtremes (European Space Agency project focusing on Extreme Events for detection and prediction)


AI, Machine Learning

USMILE (Understanding and Modelling the Earth System with Machine Learning)

CausalEarth (Causal Inference and Climate Informatics Group) – part of the German Aerospace Center’s Institute of Data Science in Jena

ELISE (European network of AI excellence centres)

DeepCube (Explainable AI pipelines for big Copernicus data – H2020 Space project)

iMIRACLI (innovative MachIne leaRning to constrain Aerosol-cloud CLimate Impacts)

TiPES (Tipping Points in the earth System)

CAFE (Climate Advanced Forecasting of sub-seasonal Extremes)

Find out more on the collaborations and interactions with other EU funded projects


ClimaMeter is a rapid framework for understanding extreme weather events in a changing climate based on looking at similar past weather situation (©ClimaMeter). The platform is a collaboration between 4 institutions (LSCE-IPSL, ICTP, INGV and Uppsala University), 2 EU funded projects (XAIDA and EDIPI) and a French CNRS funded project (CROIRE).

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