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The Press Conference was held online on January 9th 2024 at 14:00 (2pm) CET. It followed C3S (Copernicus Climate Change Services) announcements.


The Press meeting was held online via Zoom and Live streamed on YouTube (@XAIDA-Project). You can find the record online (click here).


Key Words: Storm Otis, Storm Daniel, Heatvawes, Drought, Wildfire, Crop Losses, Loss & Damages, Climate Change, Global Warming

In 2023, the world reached new record temperatures, with an unprecedented global mean temperature of 1.48°C above pre-industrial levels. These record temperatures strongly increased the intensity of heatwaves, droughts and extreme rainfall associated with storms like Otis and Daniel. XAIDA, a consortium of leading European climate institutes, held an online media briefing on January 9 from 14.00-15.00 CET, discussing key findings on weather extremes in 2023.


The Press Conference lasted one hour with three 5-8min presentations followed by a Q&A session:

  • Dim COUMOU (VU Amsterdam), general introduction about the Weather Extreme Events and presentation of the XAIDA Project;
  • Friederike OTTO (Gratham Institute, Imperial College London), presentation of the World Weather Attribution‘s work and attribution of the hot-dry extreme events;
  • Davide FARANDA (LSCE-IPSL, CNRS), presentation of ClimaMeter and attribution of the extreme rainfall events and storms.


The XAIDA members answering the questions were also Erich FISCHER (ETH Zurich), Erika COPPOLA (ICTP) and Pascal YIOU (LSCE-IPSL, CEA).


The XAIDA members online were Scott OSPREY (Oxford), Melinda GALFI (VU Amsterdam), Jakob ZSCHEISCHLER (UFZ) and Manon ROUSSELLE (IPSL, CNRS).


For any question, please contact Manon ROUSSELLE: