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The Pacific North American Heatwave in June 2021

Lead by WP6


Cold Outbreak in European in Spring 2021

Lead by WP7


Convective cells in Mediterranean areas (several recent events)

Examples: Medicane Apollo (Oct. 2021)

                   Extreme precipitation France 2002

                   Extreme precipitation Italy 2002

Lead by WP8


European Drought and Heatwave in 2022

Lead by WP6


Cold and low wind events

Compound events with winter cold spell and wind drought, several recent cases with different meteorology

Lead by WP7


The tropical Cyclone Irma (August-September 2017)

Lead by WP8

Reports linked to case studies

D2.1 – Report and delivery of a draft framework for event definition developed in collaboration with stakeholders (PDF)


D2.2 – Report detailing and collating databases of impacts, vulnerability and exposure relevant to extreme weather events (PDF)


D3.2 – Open source code for detection and characterization of spatio-temporal extreme events (PDF)


D3.4 – Open source toolbox for climate-induced impact assessment based on advanced regression (PDF)


D8.1 – List of high precipitation and floods events (PDF)


D8.2 – List of storm/cyclone events detected (PDF)