WP8 • Severe convective hazards and cyclones

Lead: E. Coppola D. Faranda

WP8 will study tropical cyclones and severe convective events by applying machine learning algorithms from WP3 to detect, characterize and classify high impact storms for the present climate using remote sensing observations together with regional convection-permitting and global climate model simulations.


It will assess the possibility to extend these methods to detect past trends and quantify the future climate for severe convective events and cyclones. It will further assess their application to flood hazard detection as well as to evaluate their capacity to capture the nonlinear relation between heavy precipitation and floods.


This will be illustrated through several case studies specific to fall and winter hazards, and by applying some of the techniques developed in WP3. At least one case of tropical cyclone in European overseas territory and one case of extreme convective event in Europe will be studied.