WP2 • Framing questions and communicating answers

Lead: F. OttoP. Stott

WP2 will develop a “stakeholder dialogue platform” for interaction with the identified groups of stakeholders. These interactions will enable the identification of the types of events of most relevance in different contexts, based on an improved understanding of vulnerability and exposure, and the identification of the most suitable impact data for impact-driven detection. Ultimately this WP will translate stakeholder questions into scientific questions and scientific results into actionable material.


To achieve these aims the WP will interact with identified stakeholders on a regular basis, and on the occasion of important extreme events worldwide, through web-conferences, press releases, and engaging with knowledge brokers in different parts of society (NGOs, governments, schools, media) through well-established networks. It will keep strong links to the operational attribution activities under development at C3S.


WP2 will also disseminate XAIDA’s results through regular scientific and user-specific conferences and develop new innovative ways of communicating attribution information suitable for a range of different audiences including adults and children of a variety of ages building on our leadership roles and experience in the field through the World Weather Attribution network, UKMO outreach activities and the Office for Climate Education (LAMAP-OCE).


These will include developing innovative materials for school children (both primary and secondary school age) to investigate extreme weather and climate change bringing in the latest findings from the project. XAIDA will ensure strong reach with young people across socio-economic groups both in France and UK and internationally.