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WP1 • Project management, dissemination and exploitation

Coordinator: D. Coumou • Vice-coordinators: P. Yiou & V.M. Galfi

WP1 contributes to the accomplishment of the project by performing the scientific, technical, financial and contractual management of the consortium, organizing the day-to-day project management and liaising with the European Commission and facilitating governance and strategic decision making for all project components.

Current team:

Dim COUMOU (VU) – Scientific coordinator

Vera Melinda GALFI (VU) – Vice Coordinator

Manon ROUSSELLE (IPSL) – European Project Manager

Pascal YIOU (IPSL) – Vice Coordinator


Former Coordinator:


WP1 Public Reports

D1.15 – Report on the Summer training school (PDF)


D1.16 – Project website (PDF)


D1.17 – Value Promotion Plan (PDF)


D1.18 – Report on joint activities with other EU projects (PDF)


D1.20 – Report on Press Conference on intermediates results of the project (PDF)