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LIFE OF A PROJECT – On October 18th, the XAIDA Consortium unanimously agreed to nominate Dim COUMOU (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) as the Scientific Coordinator of the project. This decision follows the nomination of Robert VAUTARD (IPSL-CNRS), former Coordinator, as co-chair of IPCC WGI.

The leading institution of the XAIDA project is CNRS and the Scientific coordination is ensured by Robert Vautard, director of IPSL (lab of the CNRS) with the assistance of Dim Coumou (VU) as Vice-Coordinator (VC). 


As Robert Vautard was nominated co-chair of the WGI at IPCC in July 2023, he will not have a sufficient amount of time for the responsibility of the science coordination of the XAIDA project.

Robert Vautard left the scientific coordination of XAIDA project on November 1st, 2023 but he continues to provide scientific work for XAIDA until the end of the project.


Dim Coumou took over the coordination at the same date and then became the Scientific Coordinator of the project.


The CNRS is staying the leading institution and coordinate the financial, legal and daily life of the project.


Pascal Yiou became Vice Coordinator to support the Coordinator and will supervise the European Project Manager at CNRS.


The VC duties are now shared between Pascal Yiou (IPSL) and Melinda Galfi, Assistant Professor in Climate and AI, based at VU.