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eXtreme events : Artificial Intelligence for Detection and Attribution

Sixteen European research institutes are joining forces with climate risk practitioners to better assess and predict the influence of climate change on extreme weather using novel artificial intelligence methods. This new EU-funded 4-year project, called “XAIDA”, started in September 2021.



In 2021, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, one of the initiators of XAIDA, passed away. He also laid down the foundations of rapid attribution.




CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The next XAIDA training school entitled ‘Attributing Impacts of Climate Change (I2C): Challenges, Methods and Perspectives’ will take place on May 26-31, 2024 in the Les Plantiers village, in France.
Check out the lectures, details and how to apply.

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XAIDA Webinar #2

The 2nd session of our webinar will occur on Feburary 28th at 2 PM CET. Raed Hamed (VU) will speak about Climate storylines for assessing compound events and extreme crop impacts.
Check out the details to attend, discuss and follow the discussion!

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XAIDA Webinar #1

The 1st session of our webinar will occur on January 24th at 10:30 AM CET. Davide FARANDA (CNRS) will speak about A framework for attributing extreme events to climate change and evaluating adaptation strategies: the example of Venice Acqua Alta events.
Check out the details to attend, discuss and follow the discussion!

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In 2023, the world reached new record temperatures, with an unprecedented global mean temperature of 1.48°C above pre-industrial levels. These record temperatures strongly increased the intensity of heatwaves, droughts and extreme rainfall associated with storms like Otis and Daniel.
The XAIDA team hosted a Press Conference on January 9th 2024 at 2pm CET to explain these results and methods. Find the Press Release and the video record of the Press Conference here.

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How can we attribute weather extremes to climate change?

With climate change we see an increase in extreme weather events around the globe; occurrences of floods, heatwaves, and droughts. Within XAIDA, we aim to determine to what extent human induced climate change has altered the probability of occurrence and/or intensity of an extreme weather event, also known as attribution science. Several institutions work on attribution science, using different but complementary methodological frameworks. In this brief we explain the three main approaches used within XAIDA: unconditional probabilistic analysis, circulation analogues, and the storyline approach.

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